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How to Relieve Varicose Vein Pain

For many people, varicose veins are a significant source of discomfort. However, there are several treatments available that can significantly reduce pain, allowing you to live your best life possible.

Windermere Varicose Veins

What are Varicose Veins?

Varicose veins are dysfunctional veins that appear to bulge out from underneath the surface of the skin. They result from blood pooling in the blood vessels that transport the blood back to the heart. Blood pushes on the interior walls of the veins, swelling them to the point where they become visible from the outside. 

Most varicose veins appear on the lower legs because of gravity. However, they can show up in other locations. 

Treatments Available for Varicose Veins

At The Vascular Experts Florida, we offer various highly-effective treatments for varicose veins. These include:

Endovenous Laser Ablation (EVLT)

EVLT is a powerful technique that causes varicose veins to collapse. Dr. Vargas performs this treatment by inserting a tiny catheter into the affected blood vessels with a laser tip. This bright light from the laser scars the blood vessels, causing them to collapse over time.


Varithena® is a treatment designed to reduce the discomfort associated with varicose veins. Like sclerotherapy, it uses a special foam that collapses affected blood vessels, making them disappear. Dr. Lina Vargas uses it in combination with compression stockings, allowing you to continue your regular activities following treatment. 


ClariVein® is a unique technique that uses mechanical rubbing to collapse varicose veins while medication is administered.  A small catheter with an abrasive spinning device at the end is inserted into the affected blood vessels. The friction between the device and the vein wall, causes scarring, ultimately leading to collapse. 


Sclerotherapy is a minimally-invasive procedure that involves injecting a fluid into varicose veins to make them collapse. Dr. Lina Vargas uses a needle to insert a substance that damages their walls, leading them to close up over time. Eventually, the body recycles the tissue that once comprised the veins, causing them to disappear entirely. 

Ambulatory Phlebectomy

Ambulatory phlebectomy is a treatment that involves physically removing varicose veins from the body. Dr. Vargas creates a small incision at the site of the blood vessel and then uses special instruments to remove it.  These small incisions do not require stitches.

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Take the first step. Get your questions answered and find out which treatment option is best for your personal situation by meeting with one of our knowledgeable providers at Vascular Experts for an in-person consultation. Simply fill out the form on this page, and one of our experienced team members will reach out to you promptly to schedule your consultation.

Benefits of Varicose Vein Treatments

At The Vascular Experts Florida, we believe that varicose vein treatment offers a host of benefits. These include: 

  • Reduced pain and discomfort: Most patients report improved quality of life following varicose vein treatment with us. Pain and discomfort are reduced following our procedures. 
  • Reduce varicose vein visibility: Once treated, the same varicose veins cannot return. Your body naturally redirects blood via healthier blood vessels deeper within your tissues. 
  • Fast recovery time: All of the varicose vein treatments we outline above are minimally-invasive. Most only require inserting tiny needles or catheters under the skin. Where applicable, we apply numbing agents to make the procedure as pleasant as possible. 

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Take the Next Step – Request a Consultation

If you would like to learn more about varicose vein treatments schedule a consultation today with The Vascular Experts Florida at our Windermere, FL location.

You can also call to make your appointment by calling our office at (407) 612-7738.

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