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What is an IVC Filter?

The inferior vena cava (IVC) is the largest vein in the body and the blood vessel that transports blood from the lower extremities (including the legs) back to the heart. When your cardiovascular system is healthy, a blockage in the IVC is unlikely. However, if you are a deep vein thrombosis patient or at risk of clotting for other reasons, potentially dangerous blockages can occur. 

In many cases, the standard treatment for patients at risk of clotting is prescription blood thinners. However, these medications are not suitable for some patients. For these individuals, Dr. Vargas makes IVC filters available – small devices that fit in the inferior vena cava and prevent potentially dangerous clots from traveling to the heart and lungs.

IVC Filter Windermere

About Deep Vein Thrombosis

Deep vein thrombosis is a condition in which blood clots develop in the deep veins of the body, most often the legs. Clots can cause severe discomfort if they become lodged in the body’s extremities. But they can also travel to the heart and lungs where they cause shortness of breath, pulmonary embolism, and can even prove fatal. 

IVC Filters for Deep Vein Thrombosis

The Vascular Experts offer inferior vena cava (IVC) filters as a tool to prevent deep vein thrombosis leading to more serious cardiovascular events. The procedure involves inserting a filter into the IVC that prevents clots from the extremities of the body (particularly the legs) from returning to the heart and lungs. 

Dr. Vargas inserts a small metal filter with a helpful catheter that permits regular removal of blood clots. In the past, IVC filters were a permanent implant. But thanks to advances in surgical procedures and materials, temporary removable filters are now available to provide more flexibility and freedom.  Dr. Vargas will also follow up closely to ensure the filter is removed safely and comfortably once no longer needed.

IVC filter procedures usually take less than an hour. Dr. Vargas and the team at the Vascular Experts Florida insert the device through the neck or the groin into the IVC where it can start performing its function. The filter blocks clots while allowing regular blood to flow normally.

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Am I a Candidate for IVC Filters?

While blood-thinning medications are a suitable treatment for many patients, not everyone can tolerate them. Side effects include excessive bleeding, problems when mixing with other medications, and the fact that patients cannot afford to miss a dose. Some blood thinners may also lead to internal bleeding, making them unsuitable for anybody with an injury or requiring surgery.

IVC filters protect patients at high risk of clot formation who cannot take standard blood thinners. They are especially beneficial for those with a history of pulmonary embolism and deep vein thrombosis. Choosing to use an IVC filter is a significant medical decision and one that Dr. Vargas will guide you through on your journey to health.

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