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What is Phlebolymphedema?

Phlebolymphedema is a condition characterized by persistent swelling in the legs caused by excessive accumulation of lymph fluid. 

Blood vessels are not the only network of veins that carry fluids around the body. The body also relies on something called the lymphatic system – a network of small channels that transports white blood cells to where they’re needed and helps clear away waste, toxins, and bacteria. Sometimes, the organs and vessels that carry this fluid around the body can become dysfunctional, causing them to swell, leading to phlebolymphedema. 

Phlebolymphedema Orlando

Phlebolymphedema Symptoms

Patients with phlebolymphedema can present with various symptoms. These include swelling of limbs or parts of their body (such as fingers and toes), heaviness in their arms and legs, and weakness. In some patients, the swelling also affects joint mobility, making them feel tight. Others can experience aching and discomfort as the body expands. 

Phlebolymphedema Causes

Phlebolymphedema is a condition that arises from more than one underlying cause. Researchers believe that it results from a combination of lymphatic insufficiency and venous insufficiency. Severe chronic venous hypertension (high blood pressure in the veins), for instance, may prevent the lymphatic system from adequately draining lymphatic fluids from tissues. 

Additional contributing factors may include damage to the lymphatic system, congestive heart failure, problems with the kidney, and cirrhosis of the liver. Causes are often what researchers call “systemic,” which means that they arise from factors that affect the entire body. 

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Phlebolymphedema Treatment

Dr. Lina Vargas and the team at The Vascular Experts Florida offer a range of treatments to successfully manage phlebolymphedema. These include compression treatments that put pressure on affected parts of the body, encouraging the lymphatic system to begin functioning normally again, and manual compression, such as massage. 

We may also recommend that you do specific light exercises to encourage the movement of lymph. Movement can help release excess fluid from swollen areas. 

Surgical treatments are available for phlebolymphedema. However, these can have negative side effects. You should only consider this if other treatments fail. 

Benefits of Phlebolymphedema Management

We identify the following benefits of effective phlebolymphedema management. 

  • Reduction of discomfort: Living with phlebolymphedema can be an uncomfortable experience. Many patients with the condition have chronic pain due to swelling. However, with proper management through The Vascular Experts Florida, you can reduce discomfort and improve your quality of life. 
  • Reduce the chance of infection: Infections are a common symptom of phlebolymphedema. If the body can no longer remove bacteria via the lymph, they can multiply, leading to serious medical conditions. Proper management keeps the fluid moving, reducing the ability of germs to establish themselves.
  • Improved joint mobility: Phlebolymphedema can seriously affect the mobility of your joints, making it hard to move and walk. Releasing fluid, however, helps to restore the full range of motion and reduce pain. 

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