The importance of properly diagnosing vascular issues cannot be understated.

Diagnosing vascular diseases, many of which can have serious and sometimes fatal consequences, is of utmost importance in overall health and quality of life. The Vascular Experts Florida understands this and is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to evaluate and treat vein and vascular conditions.

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ABI/PVR Studies

PVR stands for pulse volume recording, which Dr. Lina Vargas uses to evaluate blood pressure in the extremities to test for peripheral artery disease (PAD). It’s a non-invasive vascular study using blood pressure cuffs and handheld ultrasound devices to measure blood flow in the arms and legs. ABI is the ankle-brachial index, comparing blood pressure in the lower leg to that in the arm. The two measurements should be approximately identical, but if your ankle pressure isn’t as high, your leg arteries may be narrowed. PVR studies may also be used to determine the presence of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS). This test takes between 30-90 minutes to complete.

Arterial and Venous Ultrasound

During a vascular ultrasound, sound waves are transmitted through the testing area to evaluate for areas of narrowing or blockage as well as to measure the speed with which blood cells move through your blood vessels. This will map the condition of your veins and arteries to ensure they’re not narrowed or blocked by plaque or a clot. This test is also used to determine which vessels are ideal for bypass grafting procedures. It requires no needles, dyes, radiation, or anesthesia, and takes between 30-90 minutes to complete.

Carotid Duplex Ultrasound

Carotid duplex ultrasound is the first diagnostic test to evaluate for potential narrowing or blockage of the carotid arteries, the vessels that carry blood and oxygen to the brain. Symptoms of carotid disease include loss of muscle control, tingling or numbness, facial drooping and difficulty speaking or communicating. An ultrasound transducer is moved over the carotid arteries to measure the speed in which blood moves through them, and examine them for narrowing or blockages

Why Choose The Vascular Experts Florida?

The Vascular Experts Florida is highly regarded in the vascular health community for one reason: expertise. Every patient is seen by a board-certified and experienced vascular surgeon. The Vascular Experts Florida also boasts the only female vascular surgeon in the Orlando area, Dr. Lina Vargas. She specializes in vascular and endovascular surgery, and is bilingual, a key to serving the large Hispanic population of the area. If you’re concerned about your vascular health, there is no better place to turn than The Vascular Experts Florida.

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