Tips for Reducing the Risk of Vascular Disease:

Eat a high protein, high fiber diet

Do not eat foods high in saturated fat or sugar

If you are overweight, lose additional weight to help improve blood flow

Stop smoking immediately, as smoking increases the risk of vascular disease by 60-80%

Take steps to lower your blood pressure to normal levels

Be aware of sudden body changes or new conditions

Have annual physical examinations from a board-certified vascular physician

Do not stand or sit for long periods without interruption

Do not cross your legs while seated

Keep your legs elevated above your heart when sitting or lying down

Keep the muscles in your legs strong through regular physical activity

Avoid clothes that are tight, especially those that constrict around the thighs, groin, waist, or buttocks

Wear compression stockings in order to prevent blood from pooling

Follow medication instructions from your board-certified vascular physician