Peripheral Artery Disease

Does walking result in leg pain or cramps?

Do you have pain in your legs that wake you up when you are asleep or sores that won’t heal? You may have peripheral artery disease (PAD), a circulatory issue where narrowed arteries reduce blood flow to your extremities. The Vascular Experts Florida is committed to helping patients with their PAD to increase their overall quality of life. 

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What is Peripheral Artery Disease?

Narrowed arteries are most notably caused by atherosclerosis or accumulated plaque in your arteries. Whenever blood flow is reduced or inhibited, the areas farthest from your heart suffer. Peripheral vascular disease occurs in the legs and feet, presenting as leg cramps, numbness, weakness, coldness, sores that won’t heal, and skin discoloration. Some men also experience erectile dysfunction.

What Treatment Options for Peripheral Artery Disease Are Available?

Treatment goals are to manage symptoms to resume physical activity and stop the plaque build-up in your arteries. These goals can generally be achieved by eating healthy, exercising often to improve the body’s efficiency using oxygen, and if you’re a smoker, quitting to limit complications. 

If you’ve progressed to symptomatic stages, medications that lower cholesterol and blood pressure, manage blood sugars, prevent blood clots and control those symptoms may be prescribed.

In more serious PAD cases, surgery may be necessary. Angioplasty is a less-invasive option, wherein a balloon is advanced to the artery narrowing through a catheter and inflated to reopen the artery, flatten blockages, and expand the artery wall to increase blood flow. A stent may also be inserted to keep the artery open. If a blood clot is a cause, surgery to dissolve the clot is required. In the most serious cases, bypass surgery to allow blood to flow around the narrowed artery may be necessary.

What Results Will I See?

Lifestyle changes and medications for PAD are the easiest treatments to restore vascular health, but they take time. Surgical intervention results in immediate correction of the artery width but is more recuperative.

Is There Any Downtime?

The changes from exercise and healthy eating bring about the opposite of downtime, and you’ll likely feel better than before. Following endovascular or open procedures, recovery will vary by patient and the extent of the actual procedure.

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