Sclerotherapy for Spider Veins

Do spider veins make you self-conscious about your appearance?

Spider veins form when elevated blood pressure causes fine, superficial blood vessels to become visible in a red or blue branching pattern. Spider veins are usually cosmetic but they can also be an indication of a medical condition called Venous Insufficiency. Dr. Vargas will spend time with each patient to determine whether sclerotherapy is all that is needed or if further workup may be required to rule out venous insufficiency. Dr. Vargas will treat your spider veins so you can regain confidence in your legs’ appearance.

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How Does Sclerotherapy for Spider Veins Work?

Sclerotherapy involves injecting a sclerosing solution or foam into the visible spider veins. This solution adheres to vessel walls and leads to scarring, effectively blocking the veins so they collapse and are reabsorbed by the body, rerouting blood to deeper, healthier vessels.

Am I a Good Candidate?

Almost all patients are great candidates for sclerotherapy with the exception of those with recent blood clotting issues. Contact The Vascular Experts Florida to get started today.

What is Sclerotherapy Treatment Like?

This procedure is done in the comfort of our office, and is minimally invasive, involving only the injection of the sclerosing agent into the affected veins with a very small needle. It’s a fast treatment, usually taking between 15-30 minutes, and you’re free to return to your regular schedule immediately following your appointment. Use of compression stockings for 7-10 days in necessary to achieve optimal results and it will be important to avoid thighs that lead to vasodilation such as hot yoga or saunas as well as spicy foods and alcohol.

What Results Will I See from Spider Vein Treatment?

For some patients, their spider veins seem to entirely disappear as soon as the sclerosing agent is injected. This does not mean the spider veins are immediately gone, but that the medication is working and the dysfunctional vessels should collapse over the next few weeks following the treatment and progressively become less and less visible. Multiple treatment sessions are usually needed to achieve optimal results.

The Vascular Experts Florida, led by Dr. Lina Vargas, is dedicated to helping patients with any type of vascular concern. Every patient is seen by a vascular surgeon in the practice, and Dr. Vargas is bilingual to reach as many patients in the Greater Orlando Area as possible. If you’re concerned about spider veins, The Vascular Experts Florida can help.

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