Are spider veins prematurely aging you?

Spider veins are tiny red, blue, or purple blood vessels just below the skin’s surface that can appear anywhere but mostly occur on legs, arms, or the face. Spider veins are universally considered a sign of aging. The Vascular Experts Florida can help patients reduce the appearance of spider veins so they can look younger and increase their confidence.

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What are Spider Veins?

Spider veins are caused by elevated blood pressure in tiny veins close to the surface, and they present as red, blue, or purple lines that form a web, or a branching pattern. These veins are harmless, but they can burn or be painful. While they generally don’t cause problems, patients with spider veins want to have them treated so they lessen or dissolve entirely.

What are Treatment Options for Spider Vein Removal?

Sclerotherapy is the easiest and often most effective treatment for spider vein removal. It involves injecting the spider veins with a solution or foam that causes scarring, resulting in vascular collapse. The body absorbs the collapsed veins, and they dissolve.

Topical laser therapy is another treatment option used by itself or in conjunction with sclerotherapy. Short pulses of laser light are directed at the treatment area, and the walls of the spider veins absorb this energy. Over time, the spider vein walls break down and the body absorbs them, minimizing them until they’re gone. The cool tip of the laser ensures patients experience gentle treatment without pain for effective results.

What Results Will I See?

Both sclerotherapy and laser therapy successfully remove spider veins, but they do not ensure the prevention of new ones forming. Some of the veins may disappear instantly with sclerotherapy, but multiple sessions of sclerotherapy or laser are required to achieve optimal results.  

Is There Any Downtime?

There is no downtime associated with sclerotherapy or topical laser therapy for spider veins. Patients can immediately resume their normal activities.  Compression stockings for 7-10 days following treatment are recommended to achieve optimal results.

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