Venoplasty and Venous Stents

Is your vein health causing you complications?

For patients who experience chronic blood clots or conditions that cause narrowing of blood vessels, venoplasty and venous stenting may be the treatment you need to restore proper venous return. The Vascular Experts Florida is the top clinic in Greater Orlando for the care you need.

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How Do Venoplasty and Venous Stents Work?

Venoplasty is a balloon angioplasty procedure that uses a balloon-tipped catheter inserted into a narrowed or collapsed vessel to reopen it and restore proper blood flow. Venous stents, wire mesh tubes, may be used in conjunction with venoplasty to help prevent future narrowing or collapse, but are not always necessary.

With imaging guidance, board-certified surgeon Dr. Lina Vargas inserts the catheter into the affected blood vessel and inflates the balloon, widening the vessel. If a stent is also being fitted, it is placed at the vessel walls where the narrowing or compression occurs to keep the vein open. The balloon is deflated and removed, leaving behind a proper pathway for healthy blood flow.

Venoplasty and venous stents treat:

Am I A Good Candidate?

Only a thorough evaluation of your unique vascular condition can determine if you require venoplasty or venous stents. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Vargas at The Vascular Experts Florida to get started.

How Long Does Venoplasty Take?

The duration of the procedure will vary and depend on the location and severity of the disease. Monitors will track your vital signs while the procedure is performed, and your vessels will be thoroughly evaluated for the success of the venoplasty. Sometimes, the balloon will need to be inflated more than once, or venous stents placed to hold the vessel open. Once Dr. Vargas is satisfied with the procedure results, you’ll be moved into recovery. Following the procedure you will need observation and a short period of bed rest to allow the access site to close appropriately.  

Is There Any Downtime?

You should not lift heavy objects or strenuously exercise for at least 24 hours. If bleeding occurs at the catheter insertion site, lie down, apply pressure, and call your physician. Be sure to follow all aftercare instructions provided to ensure an adequate recovery following your procedure.

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